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Companions of the Curtain

Throughout the history of stage and film, friendships between characters often become larger than life

They’re classic bonds of camaraderie that have endured the tests of time.

From the screen to the stage, through the generations, there have been memorable character friendships that have become synonymous with the show or play in which they’re portrayed. In some cases, even more well-known than the actual production itself.

As part of the celebration of International Day of Friendship July 30, here are few of the stage and screen arts’ most enduring performing pals and Broadway BFFs:

Among newer, “best pals” that have hit Broadway in more recent years are: Damien & Janice, two cast-asides who shined in the “Mean Girls” 2004 movie and then onto Broadway from 2017 to 2020; Glinda & Elphaba, who in the play “Wicked,” transform from the worst of enemies to a solid friendship, almost like sisters, showing how multi-faceted female friendships can be; and Elder Price and Elder Cunningham in “The Book of Mormon,” pals that begin with a rocky relationship but ends up becoming a solid bond of friendship after the two go on church mission together.

Since the dawn of performances, there have always been a cast of characters who are more than just parts of a plot, they’re portrayed as friendships that break the bounds of the stage and become memorable, meaningful messages of caring, laughter and love.

And that’s what friends are for.

Paul Catala, a former entertainment writer for The (Lakeland) Ledger and longtime reporter at The Tampa Tribune, is a contributor to Caught In The Act.
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