Opera House’s Origin Story Is, Well, Operatic

The Sydney Opera House is a stunning example of 20th-century architecture at its best, and one of the planet’s most identifiable modern landmarks. The story of its construction and completion, though, is a bit less lovely. In fact, that story, full of conflict and controversy, might seem operatic in scale. Composer Alan John and librettist... Continue Reading →

Backstreet’s Back? They Never Went Away

The Backstreet Boys at the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards. (Photo by Glenn Francis/Pacific Pro Digital Photography) Fun fact: The average age of the Backstreet Boys is 47. For four of the five group members, it’s been 30 years-plus since they were legally boys. The baby of the group, Nick Carter, is 43 and passed into... Continue Reading →

Talking with Giles Davies

Giles Davies is a fright. Well known for his Shakespearean roles, he’s also carved out a niche – with a large, blood-stained knife, no doubt – as Jobsite’s go-to ghoul. He’s chilled audiences in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Dracula. Next, he’ll play the titular doctor in Frankenstein who discovers, as most parents do,... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Year-Round

A performance at our Arts Legacy Remix: Hispanic Heritage Celebration in 2022. The impact and influence of Hispanic culture in Tampa is undeniable. Actually, make that Hispanic cultures, since the term Hispanic covers a lot of acreage, physically and socially. The description is applied to people from Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean and... Continue Reading →

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