In-Choir-ing Minds Want to Know

A sensation on London’s West End, The Choir of Man begins an extended stay here at The Straz on Tuesday, Oct. 3.

For those who haven’t Googled it yet, The Choir of Man is a theatrical stage presentation that’s structured a bit differently than most theatrical stage presentations.

It’s a play – there are characters and dialogue – but it’s not exactly a play. There’s music, lots of it, but it’s not really a musical. There’s humor and some occasional poignant moments but it’s not really a comedy or a drama. Or a whodunnit or a rock opera or whatever else is performed on stage.

Think of it as a night out at the pub where all the regulars are talented and good-looking.

Questions? You in the back:

No, really. What happens?

The Straz Center’s Jaeb Theater will be converted into a British pub complete with a beer-dispensing bar. Nine actor-singer-multi-hyphenates portray the pub’s regulars, who tell their stories in monologues between the songs.

What songs?

Oh, all sorts of songs. Mostly hit tunes that will be familiar to all but the most radio-averse. You’re welcome to join in and sing along. I will be. Loudly.

OK, again. What songs?

Hits by everyone from Katy Perry to The Kinks, Adele to Avicii, The Proclaimers to Paul Simon. And that’s just the alliterative ones.

And they just belt these tunes out willy-nilly, no context?

Of course not. The songs are used to illustrate the stories the regulars tell about themselves.


I mentioned monologues four questions ago. Try to keep up.

You also mentioned beer.

I did. There will be beer. Beer is central to this whole Choir of Man concept.

I like beer.

Many do. We believe people who like beer will enjoy The Choir of Man. If spending the evening in a pub with pint in hand, singing those old, familiar tunes along with the quite talented regulars strikes you as a good time – and it certainly strikes us as a good time – this is the show for you.

Old, familiar tunes?

“Escape (The Pina Colada Song)” turns 44 this year.

Oh. What else do I need to know?

The Choir of Man is at The Straz Oct. 3-Nov. 26. Crowd reactions have tended toward the ecstatic: Best show ever. Best show I’ve ever seen. Don’t miss it. That sort of thing.

Sounds great. Count me in. I can’t wait to sing along with the regulars.

All together: “If you like pina coladas … “

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