DIY Mad Lib Movie Star Activity


We are all Zooming so much these days that we’re practically movie stars. The Patel Conservatory Theater Department has turned one of their favorite improv activities into a Zoom theater game to play with family or friends.

What You’ll Need:
2 or more players
Writing utensil
Something to write on
Electronic devices with Wi-Fi

giphy (1)

1 director
1+ movie stars (family, friends, classmates, etc.)


  1. Write a Mad Lib using any theme. This can be done before or while video chatting. Be sure to include plenty of opportunities to act. Think about facial expressions, emotions, and actions.

    Be sure to include actions, like walking. 
  2. The Director starts the game by soliciting ideas to fill blanks as someone would during an improv show or class.
  3. Check everyone’s video and sound quality. Hit Record.giphy
  4. All players say, “Lights, Camera, Action” to start the game.
  5. The Director reads the story while the Movie Stars act out each sentence real time.
    • Any phrases in the game should be spoken by all Movie Stars.
      Act out each sentence, like “the wind blew our hair back.”

      And, “we smelled stinky cheese.”
  6. After the final sentence, the Director says, “Cut!”
  7. Stop the recording and send the video file to everyone.
  8. Grab some popcorn and watch yourself in the role of a lifetime!


Here is quick Vacation Mad Lib to get you started: 

My friends and I decided to visit [LOCATION NOT IN FLORIDA] for vacation.

We walked up to the [UNUSUAL LANDMARK] and felt [EMOTION].

[FRIEND’S NAME] said we should all take a selfie. We all made [ADJECTIVE] faces.

We were getting hungry, so we decided to grab some [ADJECTIVE][FOOD] for lunch.

Our waitress gave us the bill and said, “[FUNNY PHRASE].”

We had such a great time visiting [SAME LOCATION] that we’re going back next year!

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